Harry Stafylakis


for 6 players (2017)
flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion
11 minutes

Composed for Contemporaneous and ICEBERG New Music.

Performed by Contemporaneous, David Bloom conducting.

Recorded live on April 6, 2017 at DiMenna Center, New York City. Recorded by Andrey Radovski; editing, mixing, and mastering by Harry Stafylakis.

Score and parts available for purchase (PDF or hard copy). Send an inquiry through the Contact page.

Program notes

“It is often when night looks darkest, it is often before the fever breaks that one senses the gathering momentum for change, when one feels that resurrection of hope in the midst of despair and apathy.”
—Hillary Clinton

Unrelent is an expression of the turbulent emotional/psychological state I've witnessed around me – and experienced myself – in response to recent political developments in the USA. Having recently become a citizen under President Obama's tenure, the 2016 presidential election felt like a profound betrayal of the principles that brought me to this country in the first place. Recalling the near-paralysis many of us were experiencing on the morning of November 9, and the incredible displays of solidarity in response to the various political and humanitarian crises that have arisen since then, composing this work was an exercise in catharsis.
—HS (www.hstafylakis.com)